ESNTL Wellness

Power wellness for your workforce

Gain insights about your workforce’s well-being and identify stressors to power data-driven decisions improving wellness programs at work with ESNTL Wellness.

Power wellness for your workforce

Gain insights about your workforce’s well-being and identify stressors to power data-driven decisions improving wellness programs at work with ESNTL Wellness.

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What ESNTL Wellness can do for your company:

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Pinpoint employee challenges and solve specific health and well-being issues in your organization by synthesizing wellness data and identifying correlations between stress and work activities.

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Measure the impact of workplace health and wellness initiatives, investigate baseline effects, understand factors related to productivity, fatigue, attrition, and absenteeism to determine effective programs.

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Streamline support services and resources by identifying areas of under performance. Leverage data and evidence to allocate resources strategically and revamp employee wellness programs.

Powered by Apple HealthKit and iCloud, your staff will be able to seamlessly connect to ESNTL and trust in Apple’s world-renown data security practices.

Apple Health and Icloud Privacy
Frontline Workers using Apple Watch in diverse working situations

Get a pulse on your team

We are entering a new age of mental health in the workplace, with more open and honest conversations about mental health and wellness replacing outdated “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies.

It’s common for organizations to struggle with identifying and addressing the stressors affecting their workforce, leading to diminished productivity and engagement.

Let ESNTL Wellness connect you to your employees needs.

The cycle of positive change

ESNTL Wellness works by guiding your workforce and organization to enhance employee well-being and productivity through the following steps:


Your employees use ESNTL

Employees wear Apple Watch
to track biometric data. They use the ESNTL app to reflect on key areas of well-being.
Employees reflect twice a day measuring their sleep, mood, 
activity, heart rate, and other 
well-being metrics
Employees are notified when their heart rate elevates above our threshold. Giving them the opportunity to reflect on the 
event and its impact surfacing 
work-related events anonymously 
to organization leaders.
The platform gives your employees insight into their daily habits, 
using data to teach them what 
their stressors and blind spots are 
and how to actively reduce them.
Insights tailored to their current experience will illuminate trends and direct your staff to the appropriate resources to reduce stress, fatigue, and improve mental health
Wellness resources and interventions are available to all employees for the moment they need it most

ESNTL grows their awareness


Support your team with ESNTL

Organizations learn about key stressors and trends in employees’ well-being. Enabling proper allocation of programs and resources to help improve health and increase productivity.

ESNTL Admin Console

Understand your workforce wellness at-a-glance

your workforce

The Admin Console displays anonymous and aggregated views of employee wellness data to organization leaders. Enabling a pulse-check on workforce well-being factors alerting leaders to trends and gaps in employee support.

ESNTL Dashboard: Wellness Resource Usage with Graphs
ESNTL Dashboard: Key Correlations with Graphs


Key correlations alerts leaders to patterns between wellness categories highlighting the interconnectedness of well-being and building a better view of how workplace wellness can be managed.


usability metrics

Track usability metrics and identify how your workforce is engaging with well-being initiatives.

ESNTL Dashboard: Usage metrics
ESNTL Dashboard: Wellness Resource Usage with Graphs

Explore resources utilization

Understand how employees use the wellness resources and support provided by the enterprise. Highlighting the areas and programs that appeal most to your employees.

ESNTL Dashboard with Graphs

Power your decisions

Armed with the information about your workforces’ struggles and needs, ESNTL Wellness will elevate your well-being program.

Police Officer using ESNTL Dashboard

Measure employee efficiency

The anonymized and aggregated data that ESNTL Wellness provides will guide your proactive conversations around mental health strategy with decision makers.

Manage targeted support

With insights from our platform, you can design and implement programs that foster a culture of resilience. Through the Admin Console, you can identify blindspots in programming to improve employee physical and mental health.

2 medics talking to each other with Iphone and Apple Watch
Firefighter doing push-ups using an Apple Watch

Modify individual behavior

Through ESNTL’s contextual and personalized app-experience individuals will identify positive changes to make to improve their wellbeing. This will have an impact on each employee’s resilience, enhancing their performance and productivity while reducing absenteeism caused by illness, workplace stress, and burnout.

Proven success

Join organizations that transformed their workforce, achieving remarkable success with ESNTL Wellness.

“As an officer, it’s helped me realize even more to take care of my crew, you know, cause the same thing I’m experiencing, they’re experiencing as well.”

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue logo

Firefighter Officer – Tualatin Valley Fire 
& Rescue

Burke Whitmire

“The use of the ESNTL platform has further informed the support required to improve wellbeing for school leaders. I plan to share insights with policy makers and school leaders to assist in better balancing their workload.”

Victorian Principals Association Logo

President – Victorian Principals Association

Andrew Dalgleish

“ESNTL has enormous potential to change the way we approach the health and well-being of our healthcare workers.”

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Chair – UCSD Departmental Wellness Director Committee

Dr. Byron Fergerson

Take a step to revolutionize your organization’s approach to employee well-being.

Embark on a journey towards a healthier, more engaged, and productive workforce with ESNTL Wellness.